Orthodontics for Adolescents

Early to mid teen years is the most common age group for braces. Orthodontics will align crowded teeth and disguise mild to moderate discrepancies of the jaws. If earlier treatment to develop and align the jaws has been undertaken, adolescence is the time to detail the bite and finish individual tooth alignment.

Generally, if all the preceding treatment has been correctly maintained, only a short 12-18 months of treatment may be all that is required with braces.
If earlier Orthopaedic procedures have not been undertaken, during adolescence ‘growth modification’, Orthopaedic principles can help. If insufficient future growth is anticipated, other strategies must be used to create the necessary space to align the teeth and correct the bite.

Traditionally braces are made of stainless steel and are effective to this date Recent demands for less noticeable braces has led to the development of clear braces, which provide the same high quality of treatment and final result, but are far less obtrusive.