What Is Orthodontics?

Like many other areas of health care, Orthodontics is a specialist field, which requires several years’ postgraduate training. Many Orthodontists work collaboratively with referring general dental practitioners.

Orthodontics has changed substantially from the heavy, cumbersome and obvious metal braces many of us remember from years ago. Orthodontics is focused on the diagnosis, prevention and correcting misalignment of the teeth and jaws. As a result, your teeth and gums are easier to clean and keep healthy reducing the chance of developing gum disease.

Although your teeth are secured into your jawbone, your body’s ability to regenerate bone and tissue enables them to be moved gradually into their ideal position, which is why people of all ages are able to benefit from Orthodontics. Through the development of innovations within the field of Orthodontics, many adults are now opting to undergo Orthodontic therapy to correct alignment concerns that may stem back to their childhood or have resulted from an accident or tooth loss.

Typically, Orthodontics involves the use of braces for aligning teeth. Braces come in various forms and may consist of brackets bonded to your teeth and fine arch wires, which are threaded through the brackets. The arch wires act as a track, guiding each tooth to its ideal position.

Other treatment appliances available include:

  • Ceramic ‘tooth-coloured’ braces
  • Clear Correctors – Clear plastic aligners that can be removed so you can eat, brush and floss
  • ‘New generation’ self-ligating braces for faster treatment times
  • Functional and removable appliances
Following a thorough assessment with one of the Family Orthodontics team, a treatment plan will be developed with you outlining the most appropriate treatment method for you or your child’s personal situation.

It is important to understand that once your treatment begins and if you have been referred to our practice, we will work closely with your own dentist throughout the course of your care.

If you have any questions regarding any aspect of your care, you will find we are approachable and willing to help. Our team looks forward to caring for you, your family and your friends.