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Family Orthodontics Now Open Saturdays!

Family Orthodontics are now open on Saturdays 🙂

Family Orthodontics Revamp!

We have undergone renovations after 15 years.

We were looking a little outdated and needed a revamp! We all love the new modern look, the patient privacy and the extra seating.

Before reception

after reception

before chair 5

after chair 5

Before steri room

after steri room


PROPEL Orthodontics, the developer of innovative orthodontic devices and techniques which dramatically accelerates the rate at which teeth are moved in orthodontic treatment.

The PROPEL System is a simple three step in-office procedure that can be performed in minutes by any Orthodontist. The PROPEL System uses a university research backed, patented process called Alveocentesis to stimulate healing of the bone in patients undergoing orthodontic treatment. Alveocentesis works by causing a significant increase in cytokine activity, which are a large group of proteins, peptides or glycoproteins that are secreted by specific cells of the immune system, in turn leading to faster bone remodeling. When used in conjunction with any orthodontic treatment teeth move 60 percent or more faster.