“Family orthodontics are very professional whilst making you feel apart of their extended family.  Totally satisfied with the end result when my braces came off.  No waiting around for appointments.  Excellent service.  Thank you”

“From the first day the staff have been great and very helpful.  Definitely recommend to my family and friends”

“Being at Family orthodontics is absolutely incredible.  No stress and an amazing smile.  I’ve loved being at Family Orthodontics”

“Family orthodontics have helped me feel more confident about my smile and I no longer need to keep checking in the mirror to see if they’re alright.  Thank you!”

“My experience has been amazing.  Everyone at family orthodontics has been very nice and I am so happy with the final results of my teeth.  Thank you all so much!”

“Everyone was lovely and very helpful during my experience.  I am so happy with my teeth”

“Very quick and friendly service.  Every step is explained, all staff are friendly and the end result is life changing”

“The experience was well worth it and I appreciate the expertise of all the staff who were able to assist me”

“I am very grateful for all you have done and a special thanks to the Give A Smile program”

“I really loved the friendly hospitality shown by the staff members and appreciated the hard work and dedication they’ve shown for all their patients.  Thank you very much!”

“My experience at family orthodontics was amazing.  The staff made me feel comfortable at every visit, opening the door with a smile and ‘how are you?’, every time! I would definitely recommend!”

“I was very happy with my experience.  I felt well taken care of and was made to feel very comfortable”

“I had the best experience getting my braces at family orthodontics.  An experience that sounded terrifying had been changed by all the lovely people who were always comforting”

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